Myths about PPP

Myths about Pearly Penile Papules

Pearly penile papules are small skin colored bumps that appear in the crown of the penis. They come in a ring form and look like little pearls in your organ. Some men are too scared upon seeing them and they think that they have been afflicted with a sexually transmitted disease. However, there is no truth to this. The papules are harmless and they are definitely not contagious. The main reason for their appearance is still unknown. But most of the time, they are seen among uncircumcised males.

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Several myths are seen about the ppp. In order to keep your peace of mind about these tiny bumps, you should start correcting the misconceptions about them.

Penile papules are not rare skin overgrowths. They affect millions of men worldwide. Statistics shows that around 10 to 50% of males have observed them at least once in their life. Most of the little bumps appear in men in their 20’s or 30’s. From their first appearance, they can come and go with no known stimuli. They become less noticeable as a man ages.

You must also remember that the P.P.P. are different from genital warts which are highly contagious. If you are not sure whether you have the papules or the warts, a consultation with a medical expert is important. However, many men keep their secret on their own because of the feelings of embarrassment. They feel that any problem with the penis ruins their ego. But this should not be the case. There is nothing to be worried about the pearly penile papules but the genital warts warrant your attention.

Because they look like skin overgrowth, some people think that pearly penile papules are cancer forming. Again, this is not true. These are benign and will not lead to cancer. In fact, there are no known complications even when you leave them untreated. If you are bothered with them, you can seek help from your health care provider. A trained dermatologist can help you manage the problem. Although treatment is not necessary, there are still ways on how to get rid of them. Desired treatment procedures include carbon dioxide vaporization and electrosurgery. The two methods are effective but they may leave scars in the penis.

Pearly penile papules are harmless, non-cancer forming, non-contagious and resolve using natural treatment. If you still hear other dreadful stories about them, you should ask your doctor before believing the hearsays.

Is Surgery The Right Treatment Method?

Most of the people who suffer the pearly penile papules often lose their confidence to have the safe sex with their partner. It is usually due to the mortification that they might be asked about the manhood by their fellows on the bed. Fortunately, these papules do have some treatment methods and to let you know about it, this article would surely be a good help.

Well, this is a very foolish act to think about using the daily used remedies like toothpastes and needles to remove or scratch these papules away. In fact, this approach would lead the patient to have even more complications as the swelling on the penis would get severe. It would always be a recommendation that you must go to the medical professional to get these pearly penile papules removed via cosmetic surgery.

It is really a worthy thing to be noticed that the ppp aren’t much harmful for the manhood as these won’t be causing the agonizing bed time with your partner. So, whatever the treatment would be; it will just be for the cosmetic improvement.

Here, it would be good to consider the ways the pearly penile papules could be treated.

CO2 Laser surgery: For the good treatment of penile papules, the CO2 laser surgery is the best official method so far. This technology actually uses the carbon dioxide laser for the lesion removal. Though, the patient would be having the painful time during this surgery but the laser impact will be right on the affected spots and there will only be the pearly penile papules that would be treated and the surroundings wouldn’t be affected.

After the surgery, the maximum time for the patient to get all things normal is about 4 weeks. You can forget sex while recovering and there are special remedies available for killing the pain and there would be no harm in using those pain killers till the resumption.

Electro surgery: very conventional and old way of getting the pearly penile papules removed is the electro surgery. This surgery is related with the papules being scratched while the senses are killed with the help of anesthesia. Now days, electro surgery has been considered the non-recommended way of getting the papules treated as there will be the trace of lesions left and, of course, full recovery will also take much time.

Surgical Excision: the surgical excision is the combination of both treatment ways, i.e. the CO2 laser and the electro surgery. How this method works involves the scratching of the lesions by the electro surgery and then lasting the surgical wounds by the sutures.

One more thing worth to mention; surgery is expensive method, in private clinics price is about 3000$

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PPP – Can These Papules Disturb Your Life?

Before we see if pearly penile papules can disturb your life, it will be really better to understand what these papules are. Most of the people mistake this syndrome with the any kind of STD or skin cancer. What they really think is perceiving things too far but the fact is these papules aren’t any kind of STD to be treated with the related medicine; these aren’t any kind of cancer to be having cancer treatment and also, no pimple medication is going to affect it as you cannot even count these spots as real pimples too. What these actually are the spots formed by excessive oil generation by the sebaceous glands. The targeted area is skin of the penis or the penile shaft.

If you go through the internet in the search of content regarding pearly penile papules, this would be common statement that these spots are really harmless and are nothing other than just the sebaceous spots. But another recommendation is to go to the doctor and have proper diagnosis. It will be pretty hard to get clear picture of the symptoms.

If your woman is an internet surfer, just imagine the state of her mind that she goes in after going through the information regarding pearly penile papules available on the web. Would she be feeling comfortable when you are having these spots on the organ she has to interact with even if you know that these papules are just harmless? Wouldn’t she have the confusion about whether these are just the papules or something else? Surely there would be a frustration. Now it will be up to you to make her understand the facts or you better move on to have treatment.

Having the treatment of pearly penile papules is quite a painful act whether it is related with the surgery or using the medicine. Surgery is the quickest way to get rid of these spots but the recovery time will be full of embarrassment and painful as you will need to have extra care of the lesions and the penile swelling. Same is the case with the medicine as the remedies are usually anti-biotic and make the situation same as to spend the recovery time after surgery. Additional drawbacks could include penile weakness with shortened sensual activities and less erection.

The way is thought to be the best in which the privacy and the health will be secured and this would be no other than the natural way. To get the good knowledge about the treatment of pearly penile papules with the fact that you will not face any embarrassment, several eBooks are available on the web for the best guidance.

Taking the reference from Josh Marvins eBook will make the treatment secure and private for sure. I hope, you are feeling much better to know that having papules should not disturb your life as it is not a big deal.