Basic Facts about Papules

Here are some quick facts in case you are wondering what are P.P.P.

Pearly penile papules are pearl-like overgrowths in the head of the penis. They surround the area appearing like ring of pearls such the name pearly papules. When you see them in the penis, you might think that these are signs of a bigger problem. You may become worried about them and think that they are growing tumors or signs of sexually transmitted disease. This is the normal feeling of most men who see them for the first time. But before you become too scared about your condition, here’s a basic information about the little bumps down there. This basic fact will help you address all issues concerning your little secret.

What are they?

papules picturePearly penile papules belong to the category of male genital skin conditions. They look like skin over growths while some describe them like genital warts. The exact cause of their appearance is still unknown. It is important to note that they are not signs of sexually transmitted infections or signs of tumor. According to theories, they are blocked oil glands. Medically speaking, they are called as the hirsuties papillaries genitalis. They are harmless and can remain in your organ for years without causing any problem. They become more noticeable when the penis is erected. Some patients claim that they lead to problems during sexual activities but there is still no proven fact to support this.

What is the incidence?

You are interested with the incidence of pearly penile papules because you want to know whether there are other males who have them. For your peace of mind, the skin overgrowths affect millions of men worldwide. About 10 to 50% of men have the papules and they appear in the 20’s or 30’s. The next guy beside you may also have them only that he is quiet about the condition. They may also occur among younger males and they begin to become less noticeable as the person ages. The pearly penile papules are also more common among uncircumcised males.


What are the treatment options available?

pearly papules on penile rimPearly penile papules do not require treatment. They can go away on their own and they do not cause any problem even when they are present. But if you feel that your confidence is reduced with them and if you are bothered with the bumps, there are ways on how you can get rid of them. However, the most effective procedures are quite painful. They include electrodessication or excisional surgery. They are done on an out-patient-department but they may leave scars in the treated areas. Doctor will apply local anesthesia to reduce your pain and make the procedure more tolerable.

There are also marketed topical creams for the pearly penile papules. They are less invasive and cheaper alternatives to treat your problem. However, they are still not proven to work for all men and thus, they are not the recommended treatment for the pearly penile papules. Plus, in case they work, it takes time before you see the results.

What are the complications of untreated genital papules?

There are no known complications of untreated papules. However, there are reports that some men experience discomfort during erection and sexual intercourse. But apart from these, there is nothing to be worried about pearly penile papules. There is no truth to the claim that they are tumors or sexually transmitted disease. Most of the complications associated with them are psychological in nature. Some men feel that they have less confidence knowing that they have some skin growths in their private area. They think that they are not at their best when they have these little bumps surrounding their penis.

Bumps On Penis – How To Deal With Them?

Nowadays numerous men suffer from bumps on penis. This disease is commonly known as pearly penile papules. These tiny pimples on a penis are due to the solidification of sebaceous fluids inside the penile skin or the upper shaft of the penis. This tiny clotting then shapes as various spots. The real cause of this spot forming is the access of oily fluids which couldn’t find their way to excrete out of the skin.

It is really important to note that the pearly penile papules are not caused due to sexually transmission disease and are not harmful for the manhood at all. These spots are just the tiny greasy coagulated prominence affecting the penis in really unaesthetic way. However, these can still cause the embarrassment for those who can’t diagnose the issue or for their   partners.

Doctors commonly recommend to deal with Pearly penile papules by a surgery, so check your medical insurance plan. There are three types of surgical methods used to treat the penile bumps, and considered to be the best of all is the carbon dioxide laser operation. The reason for calling it “the best option” is the accuracy of the laser which targets each spot with a precision. The surgical process alone doesn’t cause the pain to a patient, because of the use of anesthesia, but later on during a recovery time of minimum of 2 weeks, the swelling and the lesions on the penis really cause discomfort and embarrassment. Because of high medical costs plus long and painful recovery period, men often turn to natural treatments.

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