PPP Pictures

This Are Just A Couple Of PPP Pictures

If you have similar bumps on your penis you are probably embarrassed by it and concerned , but don’t worry, you don’t have to go to a doctor, nor do you have to undertake an urgent surgical treatment. Reading about the removal treatment and following through it in the privacy of your home, can surely solve your PPP problems.

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appeared like a ball that has such remedy or ointment for tratra this disease and how can I purchase this medication consequi

The warts will never go away . Even if you get rid of current warts, new ones may still grow.I coercattnd HPV when I was 16 (my first abnormal pap). And warts when I was 19. I had them for two years before they cleared up on their own. (my body fought them away). And my paps came up clear for several years. Until I became pregnant, now I’ve had another outbreak of wart growth because pregnancy weakens your immune system.Depends on your immune system how much warts will affect you. Stay healthy and you should be as fine as you can be with HPV.

This is not a disease these are normal pearly penis papules, like a benign mole. These are not HPV nor any form a disease and often develop during puberty before any sexual exposure ever occurs. They are totally harmless and not “abnormal” in any way.

i think i have that wow am so ashame ……….i live in the caribbean lslands does the removal kit really works?

I believe I have these but the bumps I have aren’t as defined as the pictures above. I’m only 16 and have ha them for years. Anybody else?

This is not a disease, I have them and I’m retired medical they have nerve endings attached to them thats what makes the uncut penis so sensitive do not have them removed every male is born with them once you are circumcised your penis rubs against your underwear being cut it desensitized your penis why loose the feeling in your penis its there for you to have pleasure as well as the woman.

l have these pumps on my penis but lm trying to use castor oil but there is no change so what can l do.sometimes l feel a pain but l go for circumcision.what l must do to get rid of this pliz help m

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