Fordyce Spots on Penis Shaft

Fordyce spots on penis or otherwise known as pearly penile papules are basically a common thing. This may be found in around half of the male population of the world. These generally look like little bumps that appear in rows on the shaft of the penis. Although these might seem like the result of a sexually transmitted disease they are not.

A sexually transmitted disease poses real dangers and problems to you health, while Fordyce spots or pearly penile papules are harmless. The only reason why they look like the results of STD’s is that these are not supposed to appear on the penis, and anything that is not supposed to be there is usually considered a threat. These usually appear because of excessive amounts of oil that your sebaceous glands are unable to handle. The excess oil does not leak out of the body, only protrudes, meaning that they push making a distinguishable mark. Sebaceous glands are basically invisible to the human eye, but the moment that the oil starts to accumulate they have to find a place to go.

There are a lot of ways that you can follow in order to get rid of them, although some say that given enough time they would disappear. But if you wish to make sure why not make use of a cheap e-book found online, and avoid eating oily foods; most important of all do not pop them they are not pimples.


Fordyce Spots on Lips

There are a lot of people that have Fordyce spots on lips. These are not really uncommon but they are a bit strange to look at. The problem with Fordyce spots on lips is that they are very visible. When you talk people will easily see them. There are even cases wherein people would mistake Fordyce spots for yeast infection and would just steer clear of you. It is also understandable that your lover would have a hard time kissing you when you have Fordyce spots. These really look much like an infection, but you should know they are not.

Fordyce spots are usually cause by and excess production of bodily oils, too much in fact that your body’s sebaceous glands are unable to contain them. This would usually be found in people in their adolescent stages where they choose to eat a lot of oily foods. You would think that since you have them on your lips that they only appear there, you couldn’t be more wrong. Fordyce spots are also found to appear on the penis of males and the labia of females. You wouldn’t be able to control where these would appear, however you would be able to control their appearance.

To prevent Fordyce spots from appearing avoid eating a lot of foods that are too oily; and in the case that you do have Fordyce spots do not pop them like pimples as this will cause a lot of troubles such as infections.

If you are interested how to get rid of Fordyce spots read my article about it.


Fordyce Spots on Labia

There are a lot of places where Fordyce spots may appear, these usually appear where they are not supposed to appear; an example are Fordyce spots on labia. The labia are a part of the female reproductive organ, basically the lips of the vagina. This is the like the curtain of the opening of the vagina. The labia should usually be spotless upon inspection but there are some cases wherein there is a build up oil in the woman’s body, most likely from eating too much oily and/or fatty food, that these deposit themselves in unwanted places forming Fordyce spots.

Although they might seem dangerous or painful, Fordyce spots on labia of women are generally harmless. It is very unwise to pop them as these will take a long time to heal. First of all the vagina is a very sensitive area so any wounds down there would directly result to a painful sensation when touched; either through urinating or through sexual intercourse. A wound in the labia would also increase the chances of an infection with obviously, unwanted side effects.

There are a lot of ways that you can do in order to get rid of Fordyce spots on labia. But the most important thing for you to remember is that you should never pop them like a little pimple, the consequences are far too great.

How to Get Rid of Pearly Penile Papules at Home?

Penile Papules

There are multiple methods to get rid of penile papules, such as carbon dioxide laser method and surgical methods. Although they are commonly mistaken for genital warts, PPP are different in every way. Genital warts are dangerous and are sexually transmitted, while penile papules are in no way harmful, they are generally ugly to look at and may cause concerns because they look like a STD.

Conventional surgical treatment is usually suggested by physicians or specialists. Although the surgical method works there is a problem that men often encounter – the shame. Yes, it’s very embarrassing to actually go to a doctor, admit having PPP and than undress and actually show a pearly penile papule covering your penile rim. Surgical treatments also usually result with unwanted scarring and not to say these are very painful. You would think that it is bad enough for your woman to see your pearly penile papules, but it is worse to have your penis covered in scars. They may look a bit cool, but have very little ability to sense touch.

The second method is The Carbon dioxide method really effective for removing light skin anomalies. Carbon dioxide is a very powerful gas when used as a laser. This method is useful for most skin anomalies but it poses problems to sensitive skin and as known – male genitalia skin is very sensitive.

A good thing about today’s alternative medicine insights and findings is that there are several different natural treatments and approaches that we can use to finally get rid of ppp without surgery. There is a widely acknowledged E-book “Peary Penile Papules Removal” by J. Marvin, recognized and proven to work which describes natural remedies that can be done in privacy of your home.

Find Out How to Get Rid of Fordyce Spots

For those affected there are a lot of problems involved in knowing How to get rid of Fordyce spots. Although there are methods that are almost guaranteed to work there are very important downsides involved.

First of before finding out how to get rid of fordyce spots one first has to know the difference between pearly penile papules and Condyloma acuminata. Pearly penile papules or otherwise known as Fordyce spots are not sexually transmitted diseases and are in no way whatsoever dangerous or pose a threat to men. These are simply little spots that appear in rows on the rim of the penal head. Studies show that most of the men that have penile papules are those that are uncircumcised; while the second highest on the list are those that were circumcised at a later age. These are not at all dangerous to the health and are not the result of bad hygiene or STD, although they look very much like a STD infection. On the other hand Condyloma acuminata or genital warts are sexually transmitted diseases. Although this disease poses no real threat to human life they however pose dangers to an unborn child.

Get Rid of Fordyce Spots Using Tips From E Book

Usually people who desperately want to get rid of fordyce spots frstly go to the doctor, the only problem is it’s slightly embarrassing to talk to someone about your penis much more actually showing the pearly little friend. If this is not enough the methods that physicians endorse are usually CO2 lasers and surgical procedures. Although these might work the problem is that they are not only painful but are also embarrassing, they actually have the tendency to produce a lot of scarring. The only way to solve this dilemma is to go for natural methods that may be done in the comfort of a bedroom. Thankfully there is a natural solution included in this PPP and Fordyce spots removal e-book .

How to Get Rid of Fordyce Spots

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Pearly Penile Papules Removal Guide

 What can the Pearly Penile Papules Removal do for You?

pearly penile papules removalThere are various solutions available for males suffering from pearly penile papules. It can be a complicated and annoying process to locate treatment that really gets results and isn’t just one more case of fake cure. The truth is, a lot of the solutions being sold out there aren’t worth the paper they’re published on  it’s all simply rehashed data that are available easily on a thousand of blogs. Either that, or it’s a worthless merchandise such as  tablets or lotions, which are nothing more than short-term options that generally don’t even do the job in the first place.

To really solve PPP problem, causing You and thousands of men constant discomfort and embarrassment, Josh Marvin has designed a simple program – Pearly Penile Papule Removal™. The program is based on natural remedies and can be best described by three words:

  • Simple             
  • Hassle-free
  • Effective

Product Review

The Good

This product is an e-book system that can be read online. It includes the PDF e-book “PPP Removal” which is the basis and main element of the course. It also contains of sister products and solutions, such as an e-book with 18 quick-fix methods. Although the main guide includes every little thing a guy needs to know about Pearly Penile Papules, these side products are a wonderful add-on. The content material is very exclusive and educational.

The e-book creator, Josh Marvin, alternative medicine practitioner, once confronted the same issue as many males out there. As he says on his blog, he was frustrated every time before sex knowing he has to undress in front of his new girlfriend, but instead of becoming a victim to his problem, he created a way to fix the problem. Techniques and methods included in his e-book are based on medical facts, together with some new alternative medicine methods and theories he conceived and created.

The Bad

The amount of material this e-book has, may seem too much to handle at the beginning and you may have the initial temptation to want to jump directly into the “treatments” segment. But it is essential to pay close attention to the basic modules of realizing the facts regarding penile papules and fordyce spots. After getting a firm grasp of the fundamentals, getting through the methods and strategies to get rid of them gets much easier.


Altogether, the guide provides very concrete, reliable and useful information – and it is probably the most complete, step-by-step system to solve your PPP problem. As you can visualize, this ppp treatment e-book provides a very solid system, leaving no stone unturned. From its crystal clear, laid-back tone to its tested and deceptively easy methods, this is „The One“ source of facts that will aid any guy with PPP or fordyce spots, no matter how extreme. If you’re looking for a confirmed remedy with long lasting effects, this product is highly recommended.

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