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What Cold Sore Remedies Are Most Effective?

Cold Sore RemediesA cold sore, or as some may call it – fever blisters, are fluid-filled lesions. These lesions are caused by an infection of the herpes simplex virus type 1. Before the red blisters appear on the lips, a tingling sensation can be felt on the lips two days prior. The blisters are quite painful and it usually lasts for a few days, then it recurs. This is because the cold sore virus is not like the other viral infections in which the body can eliminate entirely. However, there are some cold sore remedies that you can try in order to keep the cold sores away.

Cold Sore Free Forever™ E Book Review

  • Cold Sore Remedies  are very simple to use. And, as the name implies, you can find what you need in the comforts of your home.
  • To help you with this, there is a book called Cold Sores Free Forever™ that contains a lot of information about cold sores and how it can quickly heal it through inexpensive ways.
  • One home remedy for cold sores is the use of lemon balm. It comes in a cream form and it should be applied topically. The lemon balm can also be brewed as a tea so that it can be taken orally. This has antiviral effects to the body.
  • By taking Vitamin B complex, you are strengthening your immune system and this is also important for healing.
  • An olive leaf extract has natural antiviral qualities. This can also be used to fight against cold sores.
  • An apple cider vinegar is also effective in preventing a cold sore from developing further. It can be applied topically to the cold sore. It can also be taken orally – one to two tablespoon of the apple cider vinegar will do.
  • Another way of curing cold sores quickly is by pressing on a small amount of salt to the cold sore for a minute or two. This can be quite painful, but the effect of this remedy is quick.
  •  You can also put garlic on the cold sore for faster healing.

The Bad

  • Since each of us has a different body makeup, the said remedies may not be quite as effective as it is to some people. You should consider consulting a doctor for full medical evaluation about your condition.

Cold Sore Remedies


Having cold sore can affect a person’s social life. This can be quite contagious and embarrassing. Some people even progress to depression because they cannot live normally anymore, since they are concerned of how they look. In order to avoid these scenarios, one must be able to find a cure for cold sores, and Cold Sore Free Forever™ can help you with it. The cold sores remedies are inexpensive, fast and most of all these are all safe for you.

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