Myths about PPP

Myths about Pearly Penile Papules

Pearly penile papules are small skin colored bumps that appear in the crown of the penis. They come in a ring form and look like little pearls in your organ. Some men are too scared upon seeing them and they think that they have been afflicted with a sexually transmitted disease. However, there is no truth to this. The papules are harmless and they are definitely not contagious. The main reason for their appearance is still unknown. But most of the time, they are seen among uncircumcised males.

pearly penile papules example

Several myths are seen about the ppp. In order to keep your peace of mind about these tiny bumps, you should start correcting the misconceptions about them.

Penile papules are not rare skin overgrowths. They affect millions of men worldwide. Statistics shows that around 10 to 50% of males have observed them at least once in their life. Most of the little bumps appear in men in their 20’s or 30’s. From their first appearance, they can come and go with no known stimuli. They become less noticeable as a man ages.

You must also remember that the P.P.P. are different from genital warts which are highly contagious. If you are not sure whether you have the papules or the warts, a consultation with a medical expert is important. However, many men keep their secret on their own because of the feelings of embarrassment. They feel that any problem with the penis ruins their ego. But this should not be the case. There is nothing to be worried about the pearly penile papules but the genital warts warrant your attention.

Because they look like skin overgrowth, some people think that pearly penile papules are cancer forming. Again, this is not true. These are benign and will not lead to cancer. In fact, there are no known complications even when you leave them untreated. If you are bothered with them, you can seek help from your health care provider. A trained dermatologist can help you manage the problem. Although treatment is not necessary, there are still ways on how to get rid of them. Desired treatment procedures include carbon dioxide vaporization and electrosurgery. The two methods are effective but they may leave scars in the penis.

Pearly penile papules are harmless, non-cancer forming, non-contagious and resolve using natural treatment. If you still hear other dreadful stories about them, you should ask your doctor before believing the hearsays.

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