What actually are Fordyce Spots?

 Are Fordyce Spots STD?

Fordyce spots are sometimes mistaken as  pearly penile papules. The main difference is the placement of bumps- while fordyce spots   can be found on penile shaft and woman’s labia, PPP appear on the rim of male genitals. First one are little spots usually arranged in rows and almost completely cover the penile shaft. They are sometimes named pearly penile papules because they are shaped like little inflamed pearls that are only found on the penis. Although these might look like sexually transmitted genital warts, they aren’t. There are major differences between the two of them.

First of all let’s look at genital warts. Condyloma acuminata or genital wart in layman terms is a sexually transmitted disease. This disease may easily be transferred from host to recipient simply by sexual contact, the transfer usually occurs at alternating genders; male to female, female to male etc, although the transfers may occur on same gender cases. Fordyce spots usually look like little grains of rice. The sizes usually vary depending on the severity of the infection. The more severe the case, the bigger the spots are and vice versa, meaning the less severe the smaller the spots. Although there is really little proof about genital warts being dangerous enough to cause deaths, this is still a dangerous disease as the chances of birth defects or miscarriages.

Are Fordyce Spots Dangerous?

Fordyce spots on the other hand pose no danger at all and these spots are not the results of unhealthy hygienic practices or diseases sexually transmitted. Although the actual source of these are unknown or unsure at best there are studies done that show that this is usually found on uncircumcised genitals; it was also proven that these are found in genitals that were circumcised at a late age. It may also be stated that pearly penile papules are only found on male genitalia while fordyce spots affect woman and can be found on lips too. Although these pose no life threatening danger, the fordyce spots however are very unattractive to look at and can be treated with remedies like the ones for PPP.

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Learn about the methods on how to get rid of Fordyce Spots

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Lots of extremely good reading here, thanks! I had been browsing on yahoo when I observed your publish, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to a lot more from you.

Hello! There are some Red Spots on my penis.I am now 22 years old.i noticed that spots on my penis when i was 13 years old.I still feel no pain with that. i see some more spots not like beofre just a little bit more now. Can you tell me how to remove that spots.Thanks Sai Han Tun

Howdy, it is crazy how many guys suffer from this and similar diseases yet nobody wants to talk about it. Outstanding write up I really loved reading it!

What is the name of the book? Ive wanted to get ride of this for years. I know its not an STD, ive ntcioed it since i was 14 and it though its natural, it seems to be getting worse. I need the name of this book. please help.

I have to admit that this was a very interesting arlctie. My husband has started to get a few of these and we were wondering (I was wondering) if I needed to have him checked for STD before letting him touch me again. However when they doctor told us both that they were harmless and there were a couple of cures we had to give it a shot, thank you.

I can understand how many polpee might easily confuse Pearly Penile Papules with the very common sexually transmitted disease, Human papillomavirus (HPV). Most sexually active polpee in the United States will have HPV at some time in their lives. And by the looks of the photos which show the more severe cases, this condition can look like a case of genital warts. I notice also that middle aged men tend to get this. Is this a condition that occurs at middle age?

Thanks for the information, I knew it wasn’t an std, as I am with same partner last 10 years, and only appearing in last year and before someone states its not impossible as my partner can pass it to me , she has had a smear test after our baby was born, gonna go look for book now to help with treatment as I was thinking of circumcision and that may not help. wish me luck

I have this white bump on my penis but it is getting bigger its in the mid section and im 14 I want to know if it goes away cause im worried I told my mom today and she says it gets any worse go to doctor but I want to know is it seriouse tell me plz if it goes away

Im 14 and im really embarrassed about this condition, ive searched around for a while and ive seen a so called cure cream for it, something like fordyce spot cream and i was just wondering does this cream work or is it a scam and im gonna be embarrassed for life please reply A.S.A.P

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