What Are Pearly Penile Papules

The picture of pearly penile papulesHaving small bumps, appearing like papules on your penis is not normal and when you do, it may freak you out and cause you believe that you might have a STD, genital warts, or maybe even cancer!

If those bumps are ppp, you may be relieved to know that they do not pose any threat to your health and there is an effective way of getting rid of them!

Penile papules, medically known as hirsuties coronae glandis, are small dome-shaped, skin-colored pimples, lined up around the head of a penis. Their glistening surface, their shape and their arrangement makes them resemble a string of pearls thus giving them the name, ‘pearly penile papules’. If you have this, then you are not alone. In fact, it is very common in men who are in their 20s and 30s. Some studies also show that cases of PPP  are higher in uncircumcised men.

Facts You Need To Know

There are several facts you need to know about penile papules. First, contrary to common  impressions, they are not sexually transmitted or contracted nor are they a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease. PPP are also sometimes mistaken for warts. Second, they are benign, which means that they are not cancerous. Third, aside from their unappealing look, they will not cause you any other health problems. Fourth, though they may disappear then reappear, it has been observed that they become less and less noticeable with age.

Still, knowing these is not reassuring enough. PPP can cause detrimental effects on men’s relationships, sexual activity, and self-esteem. Just the thought of admitting this to their girlfriend, wife or sexual partner can make them cringe with embarrassment and fear of rejection. Eventually, they would become more self-conscious and would choose to avoid any intimate situations or any sexual activities leading to possibly ruined relationships and sex life. To make things worse, consulting a doctor, your partner or your friends about it is equally embarrassing.

How To Get Rid Of PPP ?

Despite all these, know that there is an effective, easy, and natural method of getting rid of papules.  With this method, you can slowly get a grip on your relationship and sex life! Regain your self-esteem, be more confident with your sexual partners, and have totally nothing to hide!

==>Natural Method To Get Rid Of Pearly Penile Papules<==

What actually are Fordyce Spots?

 Are Fordyce Spots STD?

Fordyce spots are sometimes mistaken as  pearly penile papules. The main difference is the placement of bumps- while fordyce spots   can be found on penile shaft and woman’s labia, PPP appear on the rim of male genitals. First one are little spots usually arranged in rows and almost completely cover the penile shaft. They are sometimes named pearly penile papules because they are shaped like little inflamed pearls that are only found on the penis. Although these might look like sexually transmitted genital warts, they aren’t. There are major differences between the two of them.

First of all let’s look at genital warts. Condyloma acuminata or genital wart in layman terms is a sexually transmitted disease. This disease may easily be transferred from host to recipient simply by sexual contact, the transfer usually occurs at alternating genders; male to female, female to male etc, although the transfers may occur on same gender cases. Fordyce spots usually look like little grains of rice. The sizes usually vary depending on the severity of the infection. The more severe the case, the bigger the spots are and vice versa, meaning the less severe the smaller the spots. Although there is really little proof about genital warts being dangerous enough to cause deaths, this is still a dangerous disease as the chances of birth defects or miscarriages.

Are Fordyce Spots Dangerous?

Fordyce spots on the other hand pose no danger at all and these spots are not the results of unhealthy hygienic practices or diseases sexually transmitted. Although the actual source of these are unknown or unsure at best there are studies done that show that this is usually found on uncircumcised genitals; it was also proven that these are found in genitals that were circumcised at a late age. It may also be stated that pearly penile papules are only found on male genitalia while fordyce spots affect woman and can be found on lips too. Although these pose no life threatening danger, the fordyce spots however are very unattractive to look at and can be treated with remedies like the ones for PPP.

fordyce spots

Learn about the methods on how to get rid of Fordyce Spots

Castor Oil Treatment

It will surely bring an embarrassment to you when you suddenly find the small pimples appearing on the penile head. If those pimples are not letting you feel their existence, there is the mighty chance that these are the pearly penile papules. What these papules or pimples are actually the sebaceous prominence forming the spots. It is generally the result of excessive oil generation, from sebaceous glands, which fails to come out of the skin. And if you are thinking to have these pearly penile papules treated, it might be interesting that being not the part of any STD, the treatment is only meant to bring a cosmetic change.

Consulting the physician in this regard often yields the result in starting the use of remedies or you will get the recommendation to get these pearly penile papules treated by surgical impact. Both are the methods by which you will have the hurtful recovery time. Using remedies will certainly cause you to have side effects such as you might be having burning sensation on effected area or you might get into any other allergenic disorder. And the CO2 laser surgery involves the evaporation of oil in the Fordyce spots by hitting laser again and again until the spots are vanished. The recovery time after the laser surgery is minimum 3 weeks in which you will be suffering a painful time.

One of the best ways to get the ppp treated is the use of castor oil. However, the use of oil must be done with proper precautions followed. First of all, the affected area must be washed with some bactericide soap and warm water. Make sure to have the surface absolutely dried before you make the oil impact. It is pretty interesting to know that more the oil you will use, the more quickly you can get rid of pearly penile papules.

The precise castor oil mixture along with other ingredients to make the side effect free pearly penile papules medication with proper use instructions can be better found in

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