Are Papules STD or Just The Sebaceous Prominence?

It really makes no sense of thinking about the pearly penile papules to be the part of STDs. These are actually the small pimples that appear on the top of the penis or penile shaft. Despite these have no effect on sexual activities; the pearly penile papules are still the embarrassment for most of the people especially women. A woman really distracts after seeing this.

What pearly penile papules really are? These are the result of oleaginous prominence caused by the excessive oil generation by the fatty glands. This oil keeps on gathering under the top layer of penile skin and forms the shape of small spots. In fact, these pearly penile papules are not even the pimples but these have the shape of pimples. As these papules are not harmful to the sexuality or in any other aspect, therefore ignoring them will also not be harmful. But if you want to have them treated, it will bring nothing other than the cosmetic improvement.

It is a fact that treatment of pearly penile papules involves a lot of pain and embarrassment. Typical treatment methods include the use of medicine or the surgical treatment. Use of remedies is one of the ‘not recommended’ ways of treatment. Because of the side effects, you can have the burning sensation on you penile skin or you may have any other disorder.

Comparatively good to contemplate is the surgical laser impact treatment. With CO2 laser beam, the pearly penile papules are hit with and the oil inside the spots is evaporated. Despite the fact it is thought better than using hard medicine, the recovery time after surgery will still be very painful and no sexual activity can be performed. The minimum recovery time after laser surgery is 3 weeks.

Natural ways of getting ppp treated is preferably thought better and most of the people now days look for the treatment without any side effect.  The complete information in this regard can be gathered from the Pearly Penile Papules Removal™ eBook available on the web. With medicine preparing techniques and instructions to use, Pearly Penile Papules Removal™ would be much more dependable than the typical treatment methods.


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