Is Surgery The Right Treatment Method?

Most of the people who suffer the pearly penile papules often lose their confidence to have the safe sex with their partner. It is usually due to the mortification that they might be asked about the manhood by their fellows on the bed. Fortunately, these papules do have some treatment methods and to let you know about it, this article would surely be a good help.

Well, this is a very foolish act to think about using the daily used remedies like toothpastes and needles to remove or scratch these papules away. In fact, this approach would lead the patient to have even more complications as the swelling on the penis would get severe. It would always be a recommendation that you must go to the medical professional to get these pearly penile papules removed via cosmetic surgery.

It is really a worthy thing to be noticed that the ppp aren’t much harmful for the manhood as these won’t be causing the agonizing bed time with your partner. So, whatever the treatment would be; it will just be for the cosmetic improvement.

Here, it would be good to consider the ways the pearly penile papules could be treated.

CO2 Laser surgery: For the good treatment of penile papules, the CO2 laser surgery is the best official method so far. This technology actually uses the carbon dioxide laser for the lesion removal. Though, the patient would be having the painful time during this surgery but the laser impact will be right on the affected spots and there will only be the pearly penile papules that would be treated and the surroundings wouldn’t be affected.

After the surgery, the maximum time for the patient to get all things normal is about 4 weeks. You can forget sex while recovering and there are special remedies available for killing the pain and there would be no harm in using those pain killers till the resumption.

Electro surgery: very conventional and old way of getting the pearly penile papules removed is the electro surgery. This surgery is related with the papules being scratched while the senses are killed with the help of anesthesia. Now days, electro surgery has been considered the non-recommended way of getting the papules treated as there will be the trace of lesions left and, of course, full recovery will also take much time.

Surgical Excision: the surgical excision is the combination of both treatment ways, i.e. the CO2 laser and the electro surgery. How this method works involves the scratching of the lesions by the electro surgery and then lasting the surgical wounds by the sutures.

One more thing worth to mention; surgery is expensive method, in private clinics price is about 3000$

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