How Pearly Penile Papules Can Affect Sexual Activities?

There is a big men’s population who are having the problem of small bumps on their sexual organs. If you go through a little elaboration, you will find these bumps to be completely anesthetic letting you to have no feeling of their existence. These are probably what you can say pearly penile papules. Most of the men perceive having these bumps to be the part of sexually transmitted disease but in reality, these really are not. Pearly penile papules are actually the result of sebaceous glands producing excessive oil which stops in the skin layer. There, the small sebaceous spots are formed which are called pearly penile papules.

Despite the fact of being harmless, these Fordyce spots are thought to be the big interruption in the sensual activities. Reason is the lack of interest of women in the physical connection as watching these papules causes the big embarrassment. Now what to do for the partner’s satisfaction is to take her into the confidence or to get these papules treated.

Treatment of the pearly penile papules is concerned with two methods. One is to use remedies and other is to go through the surgical treatment. Using remedies will make you go through painful recovery time as the medication side effects will either make you have burning sensation on your penile skin or you will face some sort of allergies. While the surgical impact is thought to be a little better as compared to the use of remedies but still, you will be going through the hurtful recovery time of more than 3 weeks. With embarrassment of having pain, you will not be able to make physical connection with your partner.

This is quite awkward that having pearly penile papules distracts your partner’s attention and the standard recovery methods will put you into agony. Here, the natural ways of treatment will help a lot. With no side effects and hurtful treatment applications, it will be quite safe to follow the given instructions in the eBooks specially written for the treatment of pearly penile papules. Though, this treatment is thought to be effecting slowly but the safe passage to the full recovery will definitely a lot more meaningful.

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Are Papules STD or Just The Sebaceous Prominence?

It really makes no sense of thinking about the pearly penile papules to be the part of STDs. These are actually the small pimples that appear on the top of the penis or penile shaft. Despite these have no effect on sexual activities; the pearly penile papules are still the embarrassment for most of the people especially women. A woman really distracts after seeing this.

What pearly penile papules really are? These are the result of oleaginous prominence caused by the excessive oil generation by the fatty glands. This oil keeps on gathering under the top layer of penile skin and forms the shape of small spots. In fact, these pearly penile papules are not even the pimples but these have the shape of pimples. As these papules are not harmful to the sexuality or in any other aspect, therefore ignoring them will also not be harmful. But if you want to have them treated, it will bring nothing other than the cosmetic improvement.

It is a fact that treatment of pearly penile papules involves a lot of pain and embarrassment. Typical treatment methods include the use of medicine or the surgical treatment. Use of remedies is one of the ‘not recommended’ ways of treatment. Because of the side effects, you can have the burning sensation on you penile skin or you may have any other disorder.

Comparatively good to contemplate is the surgical laser impact treatment. With CO2 laser beam, the pearly penile papules are hit with and the oil inside the spots is evaporated. Despite the fact it is thought better than using hard medicine, the recovery time after surgery will still be very painful and no sexual activity can be performed. The minimum recovery time after laser surgery is 3 weeks.

Natural ways of getting ppp treated is preferably thought better and most of the people now days look for the treatment without any side effect.  The complete information in this regard can be gathered from the Pearly Penile Papules Removal™ eBook available on the web. With medicine preparing techniques and instructions to use, Pearly Penile Papules Removal™ would be much more dependable than the typical treatment methods.


Is Surgery The Right Treatment Method?

Most of the people who suffer the pearly penile papules often lose their confidence to have the safe sex with their partner. It is usually due to the mortification that they might be asked about the manhood by their fellows on the bed. Fortunately, these papules do have some treatment methods and to let you know about it, this article would surely be a good help.

Well, this is a very foolish act to think about using the daily used remedies like toothpastes and needles to remove or scratch these papules away. In fact, this approach would lead the patient to have even more complications as the swelling on the penis would get severe. It would always be a recommendation that you must go to the medical professional to get these pearly penile papules removed via cosmetic surgery.

It is really a worthy thing to be noticed that the ppp aren’t much harmful for the manhood as these won’t be causing the agonizing bed time with your partner. So, whatever the treatment would be; it will just be for the cosmetic improvement.

Here, it would be good to consider the ways the pearly penile papules could be treated.

CO2 Laser surgery: For the good treatment of penile papules, the CO2 laser surgery is the best official method so far. This technology actually uses the carbon dioxide laser for the lesion removal. Though, the patient would be having the painful time during this surgery but the laser impact will be right on the affected spots and there will only be the pearly penile papules that would be treated and the surroundings wouldn’t be affected.

After the surgery, the maximum time for the patient to get all things normal is about 4 weeks. You can forget sex while recovering and there are special remedies available for killing the pain and there would be no harm in using those pain killers till the resumption.

Electro surgery: very conventional and old way of getting the pearly penile papules removed is the electro surgery. This surgery is related with the papules being scratched while the senses are killed with the help of anesthesia. Now days, electro surgery has been considered the non-recommended way of getting the papules treated as there will be the trace of lesions left and, of course, full recovery will also take much time.

Surgical Excision: the surgical excision is the combination of both treatment ways, i.e. the CO2 laser and the electro surgery. How this method works involves the scratching of the lesions by the electro surgery and then lasting the surgical wounds by the sutures.

One more thing worth to mention; surgery is expensive method, in private clinics price is about 3000$

That is way we recommend:

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PPPs Surgery – Is It A Better Solution?

It is a matter of fact that when you feel to be suffering from pearly penile papules, it could leave a frightening sensation in your mind as you might consider this situation for you to be woe from STD. As a result, losing the confidence will make the things even more miserable as you would not be assertive about maintaining the relation at the bed time with your partner.

Fortunately, the perception discussed is completely invalid. The pearly penile papules are almost completely harmless and are not to be perceived as the syndrome in the series of STDs. What these pimples are actually the spots caused by the tiny sebaceous solidifications. But this would be a different scenario when your partner will not be comfortable with the pimples by expressing some sort of humiliation. You will definitely think about getting these pearly penile papules treated as soon as possible.

The treatment of the penile papules is basically concerned with the surgical methods. However, it is a fact that all the methods come with the embarrassment of having painful time after being deployed. Even if you are considering the best surgical method like CO2 laser surgery, which is contemplated as the accurate one, the least painful time to be suffered from will be 2 weeks even if you have got the fast recovery. The resulting penile swelling and the lesions caused by the laser interaction are no doubt the things harder to be tolerated.

Again, it will be worth discussing that any kind of surgery for the treatment of

pearly penile papules is solely for the cosmetic improvement as the pimples will not be disturbing your sensual activities at all. Therefore, the only thing needed here is whether to compromise with the penile spots by ignoring them for being just harmless, or to find some safer method to get the things treated without pain.

To have the best treatment of these papules in the natural way by keeping the privacy too, several eBooks are available on the web. As a matter of fact, it would be the best assistance what you will get from the Pearly Penile Papules Removal™ eBook.


Is There A Natural PPP Treatment ?

It is really hard to see any unwanted changes in the penile skin as it puts the sexual life in the dark. One of the most common embarrassing problem, that lots of man are facing today, are the existence of pearly penile papules. Men have justifiable fear of the impact of these penile spots on their sensual activities.

It is comforting to note that these spots won’t be having any impact on their partners health. In other words, these bumps are harmless besides what they look like. They are caused due to the occlusion of exceeding sebaceous presence in the shape of tiny spots. Avoid the self-extrusion of papules, which is a common mistake, because this behavior can cause complications.

Surgical Methods For Pearly Penile Papules Treatment

The most commonly known treatment for PPP is a surgical removal method but it is the fact that this practice should also be avoided, and only present a last resort. The surgery  consists of vaporization of the papules. The most considerable surgical method is the carbon dioxide laser therapy. This therapy is better compared to the other medial procedures as the CO2 laser surgery that specifically targets affected areas.

There are several drawbacks regarding surgical methods as a solution to PPP. As this is a surgical process, person has to get an anesthesia that prevents the pain during procedure. But, after the completion of the therapy, there is at least 2 weeks  recovery time – a painful period during which a penile swelling is to be expected. The pain killers would be recommended during recovery.

Home Remedy Instead of Surgery

pearly penile papules removalTo avoid such a painful procedure, the best thing to consider is the natural treatment  that you can apply in the privacy of your home. If you decide to avoid painful surgical treatment, there is a great eBook to be recommended – written by an ex-sufferer, a medicine practitioner, who cured himself using only natural herbs that can be easily found in local stores.

Bumps On Penis – How To Deal With Them?

Nowadays numerous men suffer from bumps on penis. This disease is commonly known as pearly penile papules. These tiny pimples on a penis are due to the solidification of sebaceous fluids inside the penile skin or the upper shaft of the penis. This tiny clotting then shapes as various spots. The real cause of this spot forming is the access of oily fluids which couldn’t find their way to excrete out of the skin.

It is really important to note that the pearly penile papules are not caused due to sexually transmission disease and are not harmful for the manhood at all. These spots are just the tiny greasy coagulated prominence affecting the penis in really unaesthetic way. However, these can still cause the embarrassment for those who can’t diagnose the issue or for their   partners.

Doctors commonly recommend to deal with Pearly penile papules by a surgery, so check your medical insurance plan. There are three types of surgical methods used to treat the penile bumps, and considered to be the best of all is the carbon dioxide laser operation. The reason for calling it “the best option” is the accuracy of the laser which targets each spot with a precision. The surgical process alone doesn’t cause the pain to a patient, because of the use of anesthesia, but later on during a recovery time of minimum of 2 weeks, the swelling and the lesions on the penis really cause discomfort and embarrassment. Because of high medical costs plus long and painful recovery period, men often turn to natural treatments.

The best natural cure for pearly penile papules that I managed to find is in a form of PDF e-book “Pearly Penile Papules Removal™ “available now for an instant download.