Fordyce Spots – Are they harmful?

Nearly 30 % of the men population suffers from the special penile disease which is commonly known as Fordyce spots or pearly penile papules. If we talk about the common perception, most of the people having these penile spots think of these spots to be harmful for any kind of sensual activities and make the mental projections of this disease to be one of the sexually transmitted diseases.

Here, the thing worthy to be discussed is to get on to the causes. Thinking of the Fordyce spots to be a disease in the series of STDs isn’t really factual. The main cause of the disease is the gradual hardness of greasy glands in the body which are then spotted in the upper penile skin layer or the shaft. These tiny bumps or spots are really not the painful and shouldn’t be disturbing even in the time of sensual activities.

As these spots are not supposed to be painful and aren’t to be concluded as the STD, these are completely harmless. Despite the cosmetic repulsion you can face from the partner in the bed, you can always have normal interaction if you completely ignore them. But if you are feeling that your partner isn’t feeling good about you having these spots, there are the ways you can have the treatment.

The prior method to be considered for the penile spots treatment is to go through the surgical deployment. The commonly considered method here is to have the CO2 laser treatment. Though, other surgical treatments are also considerable but comparatively better results can be observed if you contemplate the CO2 laser. However, this is the fact that whatever the surgical treatment you may have, the recovery time would definitely be painful and you will have to face the penile swelling.

You can also consider the use of remedies made for the special treatment of penile spots. But the drawback would be facing the side effects. The best to consider here would be to think about the natural ways so that you can have your Fordyce spots treatment in complete privacy and free of side effects.

The best guidance about the treatment of penile pimples would appreciably be taken from the eBook. So it will be pretty good to have the reference of authenticated eBooks for the treatment of Fordyce spots.

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