Sebaceous Glands

You might have heard of sebaceous glands from the Discovery Channel or from science class and must be wondering what these are. Sebaceous glands are basically the oil glands of the body. These are the glands responsible for controlling and producing the oil that your body needs whenever it turns dry.

One purpose of sebaceous glands is to try and keep water within the body. You would notice this phenomenon if you watch yourself as you sweat. If you were sweating really hard water with other compounds would come out of your sweat glands. This is a reaction of your body in order to regulate its core temperature. If you sweat this basically cools down your body just like a car’s radiator. Once your core body temperature returns to normal, the sebaceous glands will then secrete oil to try and cover your body with it. As we all know from science class, oil does not mix with water. So if the body is covered with oil then the water will be unable to escape. The body does this so that there is no more water lost once the body temperature has regulated.

There are cases wherein the oil in the body is too much and that there is no need for them or that they can’t be used, this is where Fordyce spots appear. The body deposits the oil in other parts of it to be able to control the amount. These are generally harmless and may easily be taken care of.