The Cause of Penile Papules

There were a lot of speculations about a PPP cause. Most were proven wrong while one theory was proven right. This study states that pearly penile papules or penile Fordyce spots are the results of a reaction of the sebaceous glands to the oil in the body. PPP are little bumps that appear on the rim of the penis and usually appear in rows.

There are a lot of speculations saying that Fordyce spots are sexually transmitted diseases or STD’s, they are not. Contrary to popular belief Fordyce spots are also not hazardous to your health. These are basically the results of your sebaceous glands being unable to control the amounts of oil in your body therefore they try to put them somewhere else. PPP are very common among men that eat a lot of oily foods, so one way of actually getting rid of this is by reducing the oil in the foods you eat. Fordyce spots are also known to appear on the lips of people and the labia of women, although they posses no harmful capabilities, like stated before, these are very unattractive.

If pearly penile papules are bothering you a lot then it is advisable to seek the help of a medical professional, or you could simply use a very useful e-book that will help you get rid of these naturally. Word of caution though, do not pop them.