Fordyce Spots on Lips

There are a lot of people that have Fordyce spots on lips. These are not really uncommon but they are a bit strange to look at. The problem with Fordyce spots on lips is that they are very visible. When you talk people will easily see them. There are even cases wherein people would mistake Fordyce spots for yeast infection and would just steer clear of you. It is also understandable that your lover would have a hard time kissing you when you have Fordyce spots. These really look much like an infection, but you should know they are not.

Fordyce spots are usually cause by and excess production of bodily oils, too much in fact that your body’s sebaceous glands are unable to contain them. This would usually be found in people in their adolescent stages where they choose to eat a lot of oily foods. You would think that since you have them on your lips that they only appear there, you couldn’t be more wrong. Fordyce spots are also found to appear on the penis of males and the labia of females. You wouldn’t be able to control where these would appear, however you would be able to control their appearance.

To prevent Fordyce spots from appearing avoid eating a lot of foods that are too oily; and in the case that you do have Fordyce spots do not pop them like pimples as this will cause a lot of troubles such as infections.

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