Fordyce Spots on Labia

There are a lot of places where Fordyce spots may appear, these usually appear where they are not supposed to appear; an example are Fordyce spots on labia. The labia are a part of the female reproductive organ, basically the lips of the vagina. This is the like the curtain of the opening of the vagina. The labia should usually be spotless upon inspection but there are some cases wherein there is a build up oil in the woman’s body, most likely from eating too much oily and/or fatty food, that these deposit themselves in unwanted places forming Fordyce spots.

Although they might seem dangerous or painful, Fordyce spots on labia of women are generally harmless. It is very unwise to pop them as these will take a long time to heal. First of all the vagina is a very sensitive area so any wounds down there would directly result to a painful sensation when touched; either through urinating or through sexual intercourse. A wound in the labia would also increase the chances of an infection with obviously, unwanted side effects.

There are a lot of ways that you can do in order to get rid of Fordyce spots on labia. But the most important thing for you to remember is that you should never pop them like a little pimple, the consequences are far too great.