Sebaceous Glands

You might have heard of sebaceous glands from the Discovery Channel or from science class and must be wondering what these are. Sebaceous glands are basically the oil glands of the body. These are the glands responsible for controlling and producing the oil that your body needs whenever it turns dry.

One purpose of sebaceous glands is to try and keep water within the body. You would notice this phenomenon if you watch yourself as you sweat. If you were sweating really hard water with other compounds would come out of your sweat glands. This is a reaction of your body in order to regulate its core temperature. If you sweat this basically cools down your body just like a car’s radiator. Once your core body temperature returns to normal, the sebaceous glands will then secrete oil to try and cover your body with it. As we all know from science class, oil does not mix with water. So if the body is covered with oil then the water will be unable to escape. The body does this so that there is no more water lost once the body temperature has regulated.

There are cases wherein the oil in the body is too much and that there is no need for them or that they can’t be used, this is where Fordyce spots appear. The body deposits the oil in other parts of it to be able to control the amount. These are generally harmless and may easily be taken care of.


The Cause of Penile Papules

There were a lot of speculations about a PPP cause. Most were proven wrong while one theory was proven right. This study states that pearly penile papules or penile Fordyce spots are the results of a reaction of the sebaceous glands to the oil in the body. PPP are little bumps that appear on the rim of the penis and usually appear in rows.

There are a lot of speculations saying that Fordyce spots are sexually transmitted diseases or STD’s, they are not. Contrary to popular belief Fordyce spots are also not hazardous to your health. These are basically the results of your sebaceous glands being unable to control the amounts of oil in your body therefore they try to put them somewhere else. PPP are very common among men that eat a lot of oily foods, so one way of actually getting rid of this is by reducing the oil in the foods you eat. Fordyce spots are also known to appear on the lips of people and the labia of women, although they posses no harmful capabilities, like stated before, these are very unattractive.

If pearly penile papules are bothering you a lot then it is advisable to seek the help of a medical professional, or you could simply use a very useful e-book that will help you get rid of these naturally. Word of caution though, do not pop them.


Fordyce Spots on Penis Shaft

Fordyce spots on penis or otherwise known as pearly penile papules are basically a common thing. This may be found in around half of the male population of the world. These generally look like little bumps that appear in rows on the shaft of the penis. Although these might seem like the result of a sexually transmitted disease they are not.

A sexually transmitted disease poses real dangers and problems to you health, while Fordyce spots or pearly penile papules are harmless. The only reason why they look like the results of STD’s is that these are not supposed to appear on the penis, and anything that is not supposed to be there is usually considered a threat. These usually appear because of excessive amounts of oil that your sebaceous glands are unable to handle. The excess oil does not leak out of the body, only protrudes, meaning that they push making a distinguishable mark. Sebaceous glands are basically invisible to the human eye, but the moment that the oil starts to accumulate they have to find a place to go.

There are a lot of ways that you can follow in order to get rid of them, although some say that given enough time they would disappear. But if you wish to make sure why not make use of a cheap e-book found online, and avoid eating oily foods; most important of all do not pop them they are not pimples.


Fordyce Spots on Lips

There are a lot of people that have Fordyce spots on lips. These are not really uncommon but they are a bit strange to look at. The problem with Fordyce spots on lips is that they are very visible. When you talk people will easily see them. There are even cases wherein people would mistake Fordyce spots for yeast infection and would just steer clear of you. It is also understandable that your lover would have a hard time kissing you when you have Fordyce spots. These really look much like an infection, but you should know they are not.

Fordyce spots are usually cause by and excess production of bodily oils, too much in fact that your body’s sebaceous glands are unable to contain them. This would usually be found in people in their adolescent stages where they choose to eat a lot of oily foods. You would think that since you have them on your lips that they only appear there, you couldn’t be more wrong. Fordyce spots are also found to appear on the penis of males and the labia of females. You wouldn’t be able to control where these would appear, however you would be able to control their appearance.

To prevent Fordyce spots from appearing avoid eating a lot of foods that are too oily; and in the case that you do have Fordyce spots do not pop them like pimples as this will cause a lot of troubles such as infections.

If you are interested how to get rid of Fordyce spots read my article about it.


Fordyce Spots on Labia

There are a lot of places where Fordyce spots may appear, these usually appear where they are not supposed to appear; an example are Fordyce spots on labia. The labia are a part of the female reproductive organ, basically the lips of the vagina. This is the like the curtain of the opening of the vagina. The labia should usually be spotless upon inspection but there are some cases wherein there is a build up oil in the woman’s body, most likely from eating too much oily and/or fatty food, that these deposit themselves in unwanted places forming Fordyce spots.

Although they might seem dangerous or painful, Fordyce spots on labia of women are generally harmless. It is very unwise to pop them as these will take a long time to heal. First of all the vagina is a very sensitive area so any wounds down there would directly result to a painful sensation when touched; either through urinating or through sexual intercourse. A wound in the labia would also increase the chances of an infection with obviously, unwanted side effects.

There are a lot of ways that you can do in order to get rid of Fordyce spots on labia. But the most important thing for you to remember is that you should never pop them like a little pimple, the consequences are far too great.