How to Get Rid of Pearly Penile Papules at Home?

Penile Papules

There are multiple methods to get rid of penile papules, such as carbon dioxide laser method and surgical methods. Although they are commonly mistaken for genital warts, PPP are different in every way. Genital warts are dangerous and are sexually transmitted, while penile papules are in no way harmful, they are generally ugly to look at and may cause concerns because they look like a STD.

Conventional surgical treatment is usually suggested by physicians or specialists. Although the surgical method works there is a problem that men often encounter – the shame. Yes, it’s very embarrassing to actually go to a doctor, admit having PPP and than undress and actually show a pearly penile papule covering your penile rim. Surgical treatments also usually result with unwanted scarring and not to say these are very painful. You would think that it is bad enough for your woman to see your pearly penile papules, but it is worse to have your penis covered in scars. They may look a bit cool, but have very little ability to sense touch.

The second method is The Carbon dioxide method really effective for removing light skin anomalies. Carbon dioxide is a very powerful gas when used as a laser. This method is useful for most skin anomalies but it poses problems to sensitive skin and as known – male genitalia skin is very sensitive.

A good thing about today’s alternative medicine insights and findings is that there are several different natural treatments and approaches that we can use to finally get rid of ppp without surgery. There is a widely acknowledged E-book “Peary Penile Papules Removal” by J. Marvin, recognized and proven to work which describes natural remedies that can be done in privacy of your home.