Find Out How to Get Rid of Fordyce Spots

For those affected there are a lot of problems involved in knowing How to get rid of Fordyce spots. Although there are methods that are almost guaranteed to work there are very important downsides involved.

First of before finding out how to get rid of fordyce spots one first has to know the difference between pearly penile papules and Condyloma acuminata. Pearly penile papules or otherwise known as Fordyce spots are not sexually transmitted diseases and are in no way whatsoever dangerous or pose a threat to men. These are simply little spots that appear in rows on the rim of the penal head. Studies show that most of the men that have penile papules are those that are uncircumcised; while the second highest on the list are those that were circumcised at a later age. These are not at all dangerous to the health and are not the result of bad hygiene or STD, although they look very much like a STD infection. On the other hand Condyloma acuminata or genital warts are sexually transmitted diseases. Although this disease poses no real threat to human life they however pose dangers to an unborn child.

Get Rid of Fordyce Spots Using Tips From E Book

Usually people who desperately want to get rid of fordyce spots frstly go to the doctor, the only problem is it’s slightly embarrassing to talk to someone about your penis much more actually showing the pearly little friend. If this is not enough the methods that physicians endorse are usually CO2 lasers and surgical procedures. Although these might work the problem is that they are not only painful but are also embarrassing, they actually have the tendency to produce a lot of scarring. The only way to solve this dilemma is to go for natural methods that may be done in the comfort of a bedroom. Thankfully there is a natural solution included in this PPP and Fordyce spots removal e-book .

How to Get Rid of Fordyce Spots

==>Natural Method To Get Rid Of Fordyce Spots<==


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What is the name of the book? Ive wanted to get ride of this for years. I know its not an STD, ive noticed it since i was 14 and it though its natural, it seems to be getting worse. I need the name of this book. please help.

Hi Alex follow the link to Natural recommended treatment page,there you can find out everything about the E-book

i have this on my penis tips from along time. they do no harm but during exatoctiin they also become straight and more clear and when i rub them with my finger tip, they make me sweet itching and release white dried dead cells. that can be visible by naked eyes I want to remove them completely..what is the solution for this pearly penile papules. Papules come on my penis by sperm deposition on its tip for a long time due to this it becomes sticky and when i know that its paining on touching penis i used to wash its tip with water daily slowly penis tip become dry and free from sperm and its mucous.on penis tip.but its edges get sticky with penis edges and slowly while washing its get detached and in place of it this papules appear. they are not harmful but it doesn’t look nice on penis and it irritates please provide me a solution.thanking you

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Hydrocortisone ointment, usp 1% 4 to 3 times a day for 2 weeks seem to work for me. If u have a stronger cream like Hydrocortisone 2% or Fluocinonide cream .05% works quicker but u need a precription, but they seem to come back like 3 months later but i just do the same thing over and over again. Thats jus for the head of the penis but im still working on how to get rid of the fordyce spots on the shaft of the penis. Hopes this helps

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