Pearly Penile Papules Removal Guide

 What can the Pearly Penile Papules Removal do for You?

pearly penile papules removalThere are various solutions available for males suffering from pearly penile papules. It can be a complicated and annoying process to locate treatment that really gets results and isn’t just one more case of fake cure. The truth is, a lot of the solutions being sold out there aren’t worth the paper they’re published on  it’s all simply rehashed data that are available easily on a thousand of blogs. Either that, or it’s a worthless merchandise such as  tablets or lotions, which are nothing more than short-term options that generally don’t even do the job in the first place.

To really solve PPP problem, causing You and thousands of men constant discomfort and embarrassment, Josh Marvin has designed a simple program – Pearly Penile Papule Removal™. The program is based on natural remedies and can be best described by three words:

  • Simple             
  • Hassle-free
  • Effective

Product Review

The Good

This product is an e-book system that can be read online. It includes the PDF e-book “PPP Removal” which is the basis and main element of the course. It also contains of sister products and solutions, such as an e-book with 18 quick-fix methods. Although the main guide includes every little thing a guy needs to know about Pearly Penile Papules, these side products are a wonderful add-on. The content material is very exclusive and educational.

The e-book creator, Josh Marvin, alternative medicine practitioner, once confronted the same issue as many males out there. As he says on his blog, he was frustrated every time before sex knowing he has to undress in front of his new girlfriend, but instead of becoming a victim to his problem, he created a way to fix the problem. Techniques and methods included in his e-book are based on medical facts, together with some new alternative medicine methods and theories he conceived and created.

The Bad

The amount of material this e-book has, may seem too much to handle at the beginning and you may have the initial temptation to want to jump directly into the “treatments” segment. But it is essential to pay close attention to the basic modules of realizing the facts regarding penile papules and fordyce spots. After getting a firm grasp of the fundamentals, getting through the methods and strategies to get rid of them gets much easier.


Altogether, the guide provides very concrete, reliable and useful information – and it is probably the most complete, step-by-step system to solve your PPP problem. As you can visualize, this ppp treatment e-book provides a very solid system, leaving no stone unturned. From its crystal clear, laid-back tone to its tested and deceptively easy methods, this is „The One“ source of facts that will aid any guy with PPP or fordyce spots, no matter how extreme. If you’re looking for a confirmed remedy with long lasting effects, this product is highly recommended.

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30 replies on “Pearly Penile Papules Removal Guide”

I have to admit that this was a very interesting article. My husband has started to get a few of these and we were wondering (I was wondering) if I needed to have him checked for STD before letting him touch me again. However when they doctor told us both that they were harmless and there were a couple of cures we had to give it a shot, thank you.

How embarrassing! But I am glad to have found this, hope there will be peline papules or bumps on penis procedures I can do myself instead of dealing with the HMO drama. Not related to any STD’s believe me.

Thank you for making this post. I don’t know if it was embarrassing for you or not but talking about this issue with anyone is embarrassing for sure. I was scared to go to the doctor to find out what they were and now I know that I don’t have to because they are harmless. Should I go see a doctor anyway instead of trying to self diagnose what is wrong?

I always tell folks GO to the doctor but I know today’s way of life pressure you to think about other stuff then your own health
regarding penile papules; you can compare your penis with the photos on this site and there is no doubt about it do you have ppp or not.

I am so glad that I am not the only one out there suffering from this very embarrassing situation. Thank you for posting this information I can now very privately order this and get rid of the problem. I guess if the girl is your wife and she knows what causes them maybe the way it would feel to her would be pleasurable, they do have studded vibrators after all.

So how common is this among men anyway? And you said that they can show up on the shaft as well as the rim of the head? I was really getting concerned about these. Do you know how fast they spread and why they spread if they are not a virus or bacteria? Is there a STD that really looks like this? Maybe it is always best to consult a doctor before treating anything.

As I said before always consult a doctor but I know that some folks don’t have money or time for expensive laser treatment,at least I didn’t
that’s why I searched online for some kind of cure and found this great E-book that helped me get rid of ppp.

I have never heard or seen this condition. Maybe that is a good thing. Some of the close up images of this condition make the texture of the skin look like a synthetic device. I mean, if you look at the close up shots and you were not told what the photo is about, you would think it is a photo of some adult toy. In any case, I hope I never see this condition in real life.

I can understand how many people might easily confuse Pearly Penile Papules with the very common sexually transmitted disease, Human papillomavirus (HPV). Most sexually active people in the United States will have HPV at some time in their lives. And by the looks of the photos which show the more severe cases, this condition can look like a case of genital warts. I notice also that middle aged men tend to get this. Is this a condition that occurs at middle age?

ok you don’t need to use uncircumcised , thats like calinlg yourself unamputated because you have arms i’m guessing you’re american and think circumcision is normal, it’s not.anyway, PPP are harmless and DO NOT put toothpaste on them. wtf are you thinking? that would burn the sensitive skin on your junk.

I never expected to see a blog like this but I am glad that I did because I think this is the same program that I purchased to remove skin tags and warts. Knowing that will save me a bundle because I can use the one I already have. Great information for such a unfortunate circumstance. I can understand how you would not want anyone to see that.

Thank you for posting on such an embarrassing subject I have this problem and I was to embarrassed to speak to my doctor about it even just in case it was an STD. You know how people think about people that get one of those. Well now I don’t have to talk to anyone about it and can treat it myself without all the embarrassing judgment.

Well I guess this article covered the good, the bad, but it had no need to cover the ugly because the condition itself covers that. What I still do not know is what causes this condition. Is it hereditary or is there a set of medical symptoms that lead to the development of this condition? I am sure there are many guys who are in their thirties who are wondering if this is age related.

Thank you Henry for very good questions.It’s not age related or hereditary and unfortunately there is no medical explanation why ppp occur.

I met a women that I wanted to be serious with. As our first intimate night approached, I noticed that something just didn’t look ‘right’ on my ‘manhood’. After further examination and research, I realized that it was ‘pearly penile papules’. Ok, I was freaked out. I researched more and found this website. It only took a couple of days for this situation to disappear. Pearly penile papules removal program saved my life.

im desperate to try pearly penile papule removal, but the question is where can i get pearly penile papule removal in ZIMBABWE? please help many man are living with the horrors right now and cry for help.

Hi i am a teenage boy sadly suffering from this disease. Although im freaking out right now im really trying to rationalize my feelings. Right now the popules are just on the shaft of my penis but i dont want them to spread any farther. Does this treatment treat them for good or will i have to constantly apply this to my penis. Please reply ASAP every second counts.

Hi Tom.I had a ppp on my penile rim and just a few on my shaft.When I started with the treatment ppp began to withdraw after fifth day.
14 days after I first applied the mixture of herbs, my penis was clear of ppp and I never did have to apply the remedy again.
I Hope my experience will help you.

Hey …im 23year old im having this same situation, for me its very embarrassing to have sex, im scared that they would think if it is STD or something else…..there are coulpe of thing that i want to know about things like,
how long will it take to cure 100%?
is there any side effects?
once it cured will it come back ?

any one who know about it pls replay ……

I am now 65 years of age.When I was ten years old I noticed the development of white spots on the underside of my penis. As a young innocent boy I was terrified, confused, ashamed and very traumatized by the presentation of this unsightly condition. I naively presumed that I had somehow been infected with some form of STD, possibly from a public toilet seat. I was ashamed and told no-one and thirty six years it completely devastated my life, however, fifteen years ago when my condition was miraculously cured., At the time I was being medically treated for a completely unrelated health condition. The medication administered, quite revolutionary at the time, not only cured my condition for which it was prescribed, by to my amazement and joy, simultaneously BY CHANCE completely cured my genital condition within FOUR DAYS. Only recently, have I become enlightened as to the nature of the condition identified as ‘Fordyce Spots’. My life was completely devastated by this condition, during an Era when sex was a taboo subject, not discussed between parents and siblings, the only reference in our family being to sex as being dirty, and leading to disgusting diseases.
Only recently having become aware of the the identification and prevalence of ‘Fordyce Spots’ I would like to share the information I have regarding the speedy cure for this distressing condition

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