What actually are Fordyce Spots?

 Are Fordyce Spots STD?

Fordyce spots are sometimes mistaken as  pearly penile papules. The main difference is the placement of bumps- while fordyce spots   can be found on penile shaft and woman’s labia, PPP appear on the rim of male genitals. First one are little spots usually arranged in rows and almost completely cover the penile shaft. They are sometimes named pearly penile papules because they are shaped like little inflamed pearls that are only found on the penis. Although these might look like sexually transmitted genital warts, they aren’t. There are major differences between the two of them.

First of all let’s look at genital warts. Condyloma acuminata or genital wart in layman terms is a sexually transmitted disease. This disease may easily be transferred from host to recipient simply by sexual contact, the transfer usually occurs at alternating genders; male to female, female to male etc, although the transfers may occur on same gender cases. Fordyce spots usually look like little grains of rice. The sizes usually vary depending on the severity of the infection. The more severe the case, the bigger the spots are and vice versa, meaning the less severe the smaller the spots. Although there is really little proof about genital warts being dangerous enough to cause deaths, this is still a dangerous disease as the chances of birth defects or miscarriages.

Are Fordyce Spots Dangerous?

Fordyce spots on the other hand pose no danger at all and these spots are not the results of unhealthy hygienic practices or diseases sexually transmitted. Although the actual source of these are unknown or unsure at best there are studies done that show that this is usually found on uncircumcised genitals; it was also proven that these are found in genitals that were circumcised at a late age. It may also be stated that pearly penile papules are only found on male genitalia while fordyce spots affect woman and can be found on lips too. Although these pose no life threatening danger, the fordyce spots however are very unattractive to look at and can be treated with remedies like the ones for PPP.

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Learn about the methods on how to get rid of Fordyce Spots

Fordyce Spots On Penis And How To Get Rid Of Them?

As a matter of fact, the Fordyce spots on the penis are needed to be treated just to bring the cosmetic improvement that there would not be any spots then. If you are thinking that these spots were transmitted to you while having sex, you might be thinking wrong. It would be enough to clarify you that these spots are just the result of sebaceous hyperplasia. In this case, the lubricating oil, after being in the excessive amount, just jams at different tiny spots and start looking like the pimples.

Most of the people perceive this issue to be the sexually transmitted disease or some kind of serious sickness. This is really embarrassing that the thing they are worrying about is not related to what they are thinking. It is even not a syndrome which needs to be treated in most of the cases. Though, the treatment considerably involves the surgical approach, yet all the difference can be felt on the cosmetic grounds because these spots are really harmless, painless and are really not supposed to disturb the sensual activity at any extent.

The treatment of the Fordyce spots involves the surgery of few hours. Though, it isn’t recommended in most of the cases, the surgeons deploy it as the first and the last option. The best surgical method in this regard is the CO2 laser operation. This laser operation is basically supposed to vaporize the pimples via laser beam. Being on target, the surrounding areas around the pimples aren’t really affected but the recovery time is meant to be at least 2 weeks. During the recovery time, the patient usually suffers from the pain of surgical abrasions and the swelling which really put the patient at a hard time.

There are remedies available in the market for the cure of penile spots. The problem with the remedies is that they do not work for everyone but the positive side is that they are cheaper and offer discretion.

Better help that you may get, for the cure of these spots with ease and privacy, is from the eBooks specially authorized by the authenticated physicians. The best about eBooks is that you can do the things at your own having the best guidance. All in all, you will have the natural Fordyce spots curing process to be followed.


Fordyce Spots – What are these Spots?

Nearly half of the men population has been noted to have the problem of Fordyce spots or pearly penile papules. These spots are actually the small bumps or pimples to be seen on most commonly the male sexual organ and rarely on the other parts of the body. It is actually the result of disability of the sebaceous glands in the body to handle the access of oil. The oil in the body is seemed to be gathered in the shape of small pimples.

The common perception about these spots is that it can be sexually transmitted disease which is totally wrong. As we have discussed earlier that these pimples are just the sebaceous prominence and nothing else. You will find it completely harmless and there will be no painful existence of these spots. So it will be a pleasant knowing for the people having Fordyce spots that it will not affect their love activities with their partners.

Though, you will not find these pimples to be affecting the sexual health or you may not have their painful existence, but you will surely not be happy because of the unpleasant look. Therefore, the special treatment for these spots is also here to get rid of, but remember, the treatment of any kind will just supposed to bring the cosmetic improvement.

The medical way to treat these spots is to go through the CO2 laser surgery. This surgery is supposed to be the safest and the most targeted treatment for the Fordyce spots on the penis. This spot removal laser operation is carried through hitting the spots with carbon dioxide laser. You might have some time like 1 or maximum 3 weeks with some pain after the surgery but you will surely get rid of the spots completely.

Again, this is a thing to be remembered that Fordyce spots are really not harmful and it is not the part of STDs. The cure will just be for the sake of ornamental improvement.

If you are not interested in laser surgery and you want to get rid of Fordyce Sposts in privacy of your home I suggest you read Josh Marvin’s E Book

Pearly Penile Papules And Fordyce Spots Removal